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This Logo Represents the Liquid Gold Pouring from the State of Arkansas in the form of Soybean and Rice Oil. Gillett Natural Soaps makes use of only Natural Oils and ingredients.
 I  make specialty Natural handmade soaps using pure soy oil or Rice bran oil. Let me know ahead of time and give me labeling requirements.  My line is the fall harvest soap of either pure soy oil or pure Rice bran Oil. Fragrances and essential Oils are added dependent on customer desires.  I currently use either Lavender or for Men a fragrance called Independent.
  We are located in the heart of the Delta in Stuttgart Arkansas the Rice and Duck Capital of the World and behind the sporting outfitters Macks Prairie Wings.  We are from beautiful Gillett, Arkansas . Known for its  friendly people and the Coon Supper..
"Bet you cant drive through Gillett without someone waving at you".

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 The Hunters soap will  eliminate body odor. It does however leave a light Licorice smell  (Anise Oil). This is a known Deer attractant.  The Anise oil is also a fish attractant and many fishermen carry a bar in their tackle box to rub their hooks over. Of course it is powerful enough to get the smell off your hands from cleaning fish.

Don't forget the hungry
Keep the trophy donate the Deer?

Just Like it says
Naturally removes fish, garlic, and other stinky smells


Retail  $ 4.95  our  Hunters special at  $3.00 bar


Down here in Gillett where skeeters get bigger than a buzzard we use all the protection we can get. This handsoap is loaded with Citronella oil, known to repel bugs. The more you wash the more it accumulates.


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