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Soybean Oil 101

Soybean oil is ideal for a scrub oil, massage oil, or for making soap!

Soy lipids are high in natural vitamin E (an antioxidant).  Antioxidants may help restore damaged tissue and regenerate skin cells.  The lipids also allow for rapid hydration and cell regeneration.  They are high in lecithin, which is instrumental in skin repair and regeneration.  Isoflavones such as genistein and daidzein, the saponins and the natural Vitamin E in soy have been well researched by scientists for their antioxidants and phytoestrogenic properties.

The phytoestrogens naturally present in soy lipids are beneficial in the regeneration of skin and help keep women looking youthful as they increase female hormones in skin.  The antioxidants in soy lipids also help in eliminating free oxygen radicals that can lead to skin damage.

This is one example of what a soapmaker sells SoyOil for

Soybean Oil (100% Pure) 16 Fl. Oz.


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