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Most of us have pets. To us our buddies deserve the best. That also applies to what we bathe and put on their skin. I have natural handmade soaps that are Natural and absolutely no chemicals added. The only overdose they might get is on Vitamin E a skin repairing Vitamin found in Soy oil.  I shampoo my Lab and silky terrier to test my products. Since I know exactly what goes into the soap I know it is safe. I currently am using pure unprocessed Soybean Oil. I am Marketing the purest Variety in large bars as a Horse and Mule shampoo. It has no perfume and does remind you of a Fall bean Harvest. More on this as current batches cure and as I see how well Clancys skin condition from flea allergies clears up. I sell the scratch soap to take care of fleas using natural oils.


Pet shampoo for dogs and farm animals. Antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti fleas. All natural soap will clean your pet (dog or farm animal) and kill fleas with all natural ingredients. This has a natural, safe antimicrobial lichen that stays on the skin and in the fur after the bath to help protect.


This is an all natural pet shampoo containing eucalyptus essential oil.

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